My Power of Attorney Campaign

Background to the My Power of Attorney campaign

My Power of Attorney Campaign

Glasgow Social Work Services are engaged with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, members of the third and independent sectors and local law firms to raise awareness and promote understanding of the benefits of Power of Attorney (PoA) arrangements. This campaign now includes NHS Lanarkshire, Tayside and partner councils and HSCP’s.

A social media campaign has been developed which is designed to get members of the public to “Start the Conversation” with loved ones to ensure their wishes can be respected if they should find themselves in a situation where they no longer have the capacity to make welfare or financial decisions for themselves. Part of this process involves a December television campaign as well as Twitter and Facebook
campaigns, with relevant information being communicated through all platforms.

Who is the campaign targeting?

The campaign is looking to encourage all staff, partner agencies and other groups interested in this work to get involved by:

The more followers and re-tweets the campaign gets, the greater the opportunity to Start the Conversation!

How will the campaign be advertised?

Television adverts will be aired in December across the Scottish Television (STV) catchment area. The adverts will aim to encourage viewers to contact the campaign telephone information line for further information.

The dedicated telephone number for more information and advice is as follows: 0141 287 0470.

What will the impact of the campaign be?

By ‘Starting the Conversation’ we hope to encourage people to think seriously about whether they need, or need to give someone, the legal powers that PoA provides. By working with colleagues across the public, private and voluntary sector, we have developed an information pack which will give advice on arranging suitable legal expertise and make the process of finding out about and arranging Power of Attorney as straightforward as possible.

How can we get involved with Power ?

To further increase awareness we are interested in any positive articles, anecdotes, experiences, or information you may have about PoA arrangements. Anything submitted could potentially be used as a tweet or shared via Facebook or the website. The idea is to provide as much public information as possible to people from different backgrounds and ages, in the expectation that it will stimulate them to ‘Start the Conversation’.

Any information you feel may be helpful for the campaign can be submitted via our contact page here.