To view the calculator which will tell you how much Power of Attorney will cost you, please visit the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

Power of Attorney in Scotland – the Future is in your hands.

This campaign is about giving you the power to make decisions that will protect you, your family and those you care about should you ever lose capacity to make decisions for yourself.

Power of attorney in Scotland

Every year thousands of people across Scotland lose capacity – it could be an accident, a head injury, a stroke or an ongoing progressive illness. The only way you can plan for your future is to appoint someone with Power of Attorney.

Power of attorney is for when you are still here. If you are in hospital or a care environment or even your own home, no one can act for you – pay bills, manage your welfare or make key decisions unless you have made your plan.

Think and act now: If ill health or an accident means you can’t make decisions for yourself, who do you want to make them for you?

Power of Attorney in Scotland

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